Secure Shell

SSH Connections

Seamless SSH integration

  • All SSH configuration files are automatically loaded and applied, allowing you to have your SSH environment fully set up out of the box
  • Your existing SSH agent can be utilized to securely authenticate, there is no need to provide your keys and passwords
  • You can make use of gateways and jump servers to establish connections via intermediate systems
  • All types of SSH tunnels are supported to be quickly opened and closed in the background
  • Advanced authentication options such as smart cards and PKCS#11 libraries are supported in the professional edition


Docker Containers

Ready for a containerized world

  • Automatic detection of all containers on any system without manual configuration for docker, podman, LXD, k8s, Proxmox, and more
  • Connect to containers on local and remote systems to access their file systems, open shell sessions, and more
  • Comes with management capabilities to start, stop, and inspect all your containers plus the ability to attach to the live logs
  • Container state changes can be instantly updated, allowing you to keep track of container statuses


K8s Clusters

Full control over all your k8s clusters

  • Automatic detection of your kubectl client and connected clusters, including all pods and containers in a cluster
  • Access the file system, log into a shell session, or change the configuration for any container running in your cluster
  • Inspect and edit pod configuration files and instantly apply changes
  • Supports all Kubernetes distributions, including commercial distributions in the professional edition

Virtual Machines

Virtual Machines

Hypervisors and beyond

  • Integrates with VMware Player/Workstation/Fusion hypervisors and Proxmox virtual environments
  • Jump into a shell session into any VM automatically via SSH with one click
  • Control the state of VMs, attach and monitor VMs in your terminal, all from one dashboard
  • Full access to any nested systems and services running on your VMs



Visual connections included

  • Integrates with your local RDP client to quickly launch remote desktop sessions and applications
  • Comes with a built-in VNC viewer with special support for file drag-and-drop transfers
  • SSH X11 forwarding is supported, including a bridge to WSL on Windows for optimal native X11 server integration
  • Manage remote graphical applications and environments uniformly for RDP, VNC, and SSH X11 connections



Versatile shell scripting system

  • Includes integrations for all common command shells such as bash, zsh, cmd, PowerShell, and more
  • Enables the creation of reusable shell scripts, templates, and groups to run on connected remote systems
  • Can set up custom shell init environments for connections so you can fully customize your work environment for every purpose
  • Also supports custom shell commands and custom remote connections by providing your own commands
  • Make your scripts available in the PATH on any remote system without any setup