Connection hub

Connection hub

Manage all your remote connections in one place

  • Organizes all your connections in hierarchical categories so you can keep an overview hundreds of connections
  • Can quickly perform various commonly used actions like starting/stopping containers, establishing tunnels, and more
  • Allows for the creation of desktop shortcuts to launch connections without having to open the GUI
  • Supports the same feature set for all available integrations

File browser

File Manager

Powerful file management

  • Interact with the file system of any remote system using a workflow optimized for professionals
  • Quickly open a terminal session into any directory in your favourite terminal emulator
  • Utilize your entire arsenal of locally installed programs to open and edit remote files
  • Dynamically elevate sessions with sudo when required without having to restart the session
  • Seamlessly transfer files from and to your system desktop environment
  • Work and perform transfers on multiple systems at the same time with the built-in tabbed multitasking

Terminal launcher

Terminal Launcher

Flexible terminal integration

  • Boots you into a shell session in your favourite terminal with one click. Automatically fills password prompts and more
  • Comes with support for all commonly used terminal emulators across all operating systems
  • Supports opening custom terminal emulators as well via a custom command-line spec
  • Works with all command shells such as bash, zsh, cmd, PowerShell, and more, locally and remote
  • Connects to a system while the terminal is still starting up, allowing for faster connections than otherwise possible

Vault security

Handle your data with confidence

Secure storage

All data is stored exclusively on your local system in a cryptographically secure vault. You can also choose to increase security by using a custom master passphrase for further encryption.

Password manager integration

You are already using a password manager? XPipe is able to retrieve secrets automatically from your password manager via it's command-line interface.

Continuous updates

There is only one continuous build which receives constant updates. The license restrictions work on top of it, so you will receive bug fixes and security patches even after your license duration.

Privacy as priority

There are no servers involved, all your information stays on your systems. The XPipe application does not send any personal or sensitive information to outside services.

Open source core

The core of the XPipe application is open-source and available on GitHub, increasing transparency of how your sensitive information is handled and stored.

Detailed security settings

XPipe comes with loads of security options, allowing you to fully control how it will interact with remote systems and how connection secrets are handled.


Remote vaults

Synchronize and share your data

Git integration

XPipe integrates with your existing git client installation out of the box. Your existing git configuration is utilized, so you don't have to configure anything.

The selfhosted solution

You can use your own git remote repository to synchronize and share connection information. XPipe also supports advanced git authentication with HTTPS, SSH, keys, smartcards, and more.

Made for collaboration

Changes can be pushed and pulled from your own remote git repository by multiple team members across many systems. XPipe comes with tools you need for conflict resolution in case of merge conflicts.