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Introducing the brand-new shell connection hub and remote file manager that is ready to take on challenges of modern infrastructure.

Connection hub


XPipe takes a completely new approach to handling shell connections, which makes it possible to provide features that you can't find anywhere else. Explore what makes XPipe stand out.

File Manager

Powerful file management

  • Interact with the file system of any remote system using a workflow optimized for professionals
  • Quickly open a terminal session into any directory in your favourite terminal emulator
  • Utilize your favourite local programs to open and edit remote files
  • Dynamically elevate sessions with sudo when required without having to restart the session
  • Integrates with your local desktop environment for a seamless transfer of local files
Terminal Launcher

Flexible terminal launcher

  • Automatically login into a shell session in your favourite terminal with one click (no need to fill password prompts, etc.)
  • Comes with support for all commonly used terminal emulators across all operating systems
  • Works for all kinds of command shells (e.g. bash, zsh, cmd, PowerShell, etc.), locally and remote
  • Launch sessions from the GUI or directly from the command-line
SSH Connections

Seamless SSH client integration

  • All SSH user and system configuration settings are automatically applied
  • Your existing SSH agent can be utilized to securely authenticate, there is no need to provide your keys and passwords
  • Supports the use of gateways and jump servers to establish connections via intermediate systems
  • Support for all types of SSH tunnels plus a dynamic state control to quickly open and close tunnels in the background
Docker Containers

Easy access to all your containers

  • Automatic detection of the docker command-line client and all containers on any system, no manual configuration required
  • Connect to Docker containers on local and remote systems to access their file systems, open shell sessions, and more
  • Comes with management capabilities to start, stop, and inspect your containers
  • Using another container solution? There is also support for alternatives like Podman and LXD
K8s Clusters

Full control over your k8s clusters

  • Automatic detection of your kubectl client and available clusters, including all pods and containers in a cluster
  • Access the file system, log into a shell session, or change the configuration for any container running in your cluster
  • Inspect pod configuration files and instantly apply changes to them
  • Supports all free and commercial Kubernetes distributions
  • Interact with and manage the cluster through a shell session to the control plane

Versatile scripting system

  • Create reusable simple shell scripts, templates, and groups to run on connected remote systems
  • Automatically make your scripts available in the PATH on any remote system without any setup
  • Setup shell init environments for connections to fully customize your work environment for every purpose
  • Open custom shells and custom remote connections by providing your own commands
Secure Vault

All data is stored securely only on your local system. Additionally, you can sync your vault data via a remote git repository. XPipe can also integrate with your password manager to fetch secrets and not store them itself.

Your Tools First

XPipe fully integrates with your toolbox of favourite applications like terminals, editors, and more. You can keep using them with XPipe and don't have to adjust to anything new.


XPipe is at home on every system. You have access to the same feature set everywhere without compromises. Native installers and portable archives for all operating systems are available.


This showcase demonstrates some of the the many features of XPipe in action. The available feature set you can see here is identical across all platforms.

XPipe In Action

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